Our simple frontier church was founded 150 years ago, shortly after the end of the Civil War.   In 1866, a Cumberland Presbyterian preacher, A. M. Wilson, organized the Mount Zion Presbyterian Church with four members in the settlement of Marysville, about 1.5 miles West of present day Hillsdale.

A small tract of land was purchased in Hillsdale in 1872 for $50.00.  In 1873, the Mount Zion congregation voted to move their place of worship to Hillsdale and rename the church Hillsdale Cumberland Presbyterian Church.  The original church building, which stands today and is connected to our new sanctuary, was built in 1873 with a congregation of 44 members.  Today, you can still see remnants of the past in the building with its stained-glass windows and bell tower.

In 2005, the congregation of 80 added a new 6,200 square foot multi-purpose building.  And in 2016, the growing congregation of 200, built a new sanctuary, connecting the old sanctuary and the multi-purpose building.

Along with the growth of our building, the Hillsdale church was challenged by the Word of God to leave the PC (USA) in 2007-2008 and join with the Evangelical Presbyterian Church.

The church has been served by 39 pastors since the Mount Zion Presbyterian Church was formed in 1866.  Our current pastor, Laurie Johnston, has served the Hillsdale Church since 1998.  Our current church membership is 200 and counting.