The Outpost is a place where all are welcome. In a world where we may not feel welcome, the Outpost strives to be a refuge.  “Fortify” is our Junior High ministry. 6th– 8th grades meet at Hillsdale Presbyterian Church on Wednesday nights from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm. All are welcome! “Venture” is our Senior High ministry. Grades 9th-12th meet on Sunday’s from 6:00 pm- 8:00 pm. We are comprised of a faith-based, Bible believing group of students. Our groups have put in great effort to create and uphold an environment of vulnerability, honesty, and commitment within the framework of a genuine family.  A home away from home was the goal, and through leadership and determined students – we have been able to create and maintain a family-based vibe and atmosphere.


What we are studying currently:

  • We are beginning a NEW focus this year: The Mission of God in the Bible. Starting from Genesis 1, we will trace the work of God through the entirety of Scripture in an effort to discover our own stories within God’s big story and in doing so, live out our faith practically in our everyday lives!

Things we like to do:

  • We participate in a yearly spring and fall retreats where all students age 6th grade-12th grade are invited to join us for a weekend of learning, fellowship and exploration (both of the physical world and our spiritual selves). During this weekend retreat, we learn more about each other, more about Jesus and work on becoming a tighter knit family.
  • Each summer we participate in summer camp or a mission trip. This past summer, we took two mission trips to Omaha to get plugged into some mission work including: disaster relief, and helping the homeless amongst other things. This summer, we will be attending camp (location and date pending).   See Pastor Mike for details!
  • We take a Worlds of Fun trip every summer
  • Numerous fun trips to local sights
  • Seasonal events (ice skating, fall bonfire)



  • April 13th: Venture Movie Night and Pizza Party
  • April 24th-25th: Spring Retreat/Lock-in at HPC
  • April 29th:  “Mission KC” – packing “Blessing Bags” (combined Sr and Jr High groups!) **moved from March 25**
  • May 23rd: “Mission KC” deliver Blessing Bags
  • May 25th: Venture Beginning of Summer Cookout
  • May 27th:  Fortify Beginning of Summer Cookout
  • June 14th-18th: SUMMER CAMP @ Wilderness Retreat Center
  • July 13th: Venture Summer Bonfire (garage sale fundraiser donations due)
  • July 15th: Fortify Summer Bonfire
  • July 17-18: Youth Group Garage Sale
  • August 12: Fortify Back to School Outreach Event
  • August 17: Venture Back to School Outreach Event
  • October 21: Fortify Fall Bonfire
  • October 26th: Venture Fall Bonfire
  • October 28th: Fortify Halloween Party
  • November 16th: Venture “Friendsgiving”
  • November 18: Fortify “Friendsgiving”
  • December 14th: Venture Christmas Party
  • December 16: Fortify Christmas Party


Our end goal:

– Our ultimate end goal is to create disciples of Jesus through study of the Word, application of the Word in our daily lives, and fellowship with one another; all while having the time of our lives!