The Outpost is a 6th-12th grade faith-based, Bible believing group of students who meet weekly on Monday nights from 7:00-9:00 pm to discuss life, the Bible and play games.  This group has put in great effort to create and uphold an environment of vulnerability, honesty, and commitment within the framework of a genuine family.  A home away from home was the goal, and through leadership and determined students – we have been able to create and maintain a family-based vibe and atmosphere.


What we are studying currently:

  • we are working our way through 1 Peter, chapter by chapter; reading and studying what Peter teaches about in these pages and applying them in a practical way to our daily lives!

Things we like to do:

  • We participate in a yearly fall retreat where all students age 6th grade-12th grade are invited to join us for a weekend of learning, fellowship and exploration (both of the physical world and our spiritual selves). During this weekend retreat, we learn more about each other, more about Jesus and work on becoming a tighter knit family.
  • Each summer we participate in summer camp or a mission trip. This summer, we will be going to Arkansas to get plugged into some mission work including: VBS, disaster relief, and helping the homeless amongst other things.  See Pastor Mike for details!
  • We take a Worlds of Fun trip every summer
  • Numerous fun trips to local sights
  • Seasonal events (ice skating, fall bonfire)



  • September 24: back to school party!  Pizza, drinks, games and fellowship – bring a friend for a prize!
  • Fall bonfire. Date to be determined.


Our end goal:

– Our ultimate end goal is to create disciples of Jesus through study of the Word, application of the Word in our daily lives, and fellowship with one another; all while having the time of our lives!